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Athlete shoot

Capturing your Fittest moments


Athlete shoot

A lot of progress is made and PR’s are set at CrossFit boxes. How cool would it be to capture your fittest moment for ever?! That’s why I organize these in-house events. 

I will organize a photography event for 6-10 athletes at your own box. The athlete-shoot is conducted in a studio-setting, for which I will bring professional lighting
Each athlete gets a 25 minute photoshoot for €64,-. During this photoshoot, athletes can choose themselves which movements they would like to perform. If they feel a little lost, there's no need to worry! I am more than happy to help them decide. 
Tip: Check my Instagram account for inspiration.


After the photoshoot, I’ll create a Dropbox folder for every athlete containing all the pictures that were taken. Each athlete can select 5 images, which I will then edit and send to them in high resolution. If you’d like extra images, I can edit them for €10,- each.

Terms and conditions regarding the photoshoot can be found here (in Dutch).

What do you get?

- 25 minutes of photography per athlete
- Professional guidance during the shoot 
- 5 high quality pictures for personal use only


€64.- p.p.

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